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The recession tornado engulfing the complete world under its sway is history repeating itself. A similar situation hit the world market several times. Markets going up steadily have to fall one day or the other and the steep rise witnessed for years together saw its greatest fall in the last quarter of the year 2008. India is still far behind in the downslide and India market news reveal the fact that many a sector, despite the fall, is slowly showing its positive growth. Falling of swap rates is the latest news India has aired. Inflation, still a haunting factor, declined for the tenth consecutive week in the first week of the new year. Decline in the wholesale prices of food articles is considered to be the primary cause by market news India. Fall of prices in manufactured goods, fuel, etc. adds to the declining inflation which saw its highest peak (12.91%) in August 2008.

India news also flashed on the effect of Satyam in the US stock market, with Indian stocks listed on the American bourses suffering a loss of nearing two billion US dollars in a week. Again as per market news India, other major losers include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Wipro, Tata Communication, to name a few. Yet Satyam, despite the revelations of almost 90% of the proceeds as fraud, is in safe hands, ready to reap a saga of successes in the future. The RBI, according to latest news India, is going strict and banks now need to report to the central bank on their cash balances every Friday. India news also makes it clear of the fact the increased unemployment problem with many MNCs going for job cuts. It is the primo companies that are suffering huge losses rather than small businesses. The government's stimulus package, tax cuts on many products and increase of credits by the RBI have helped companies and investors cope up with the economic crisis to a great extent. Market news India also reveal the fact that with the sensex exhibiting a marked improvement, the situation will soon cover up.